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Michael bundgaard Le 27/09/2017

Hello! Very beaty leavitt you have! Me and my girlfriend allready have two Girls. So i was thinking about get a male :) so i was thinking on being whrite up to a male :) Can you Call me on 004531552827 we comeback from Denmark. Kind regards Michael and simone

Milan (site web) Le 10/11/2012

Nice website and beautifull Bulldogs.

Many Greetings from Germany

Kennel Margeta´s

Barry et Cindy (site web) Le 15/12/2011

Nice website :D and a great breeding coming up !!!! Greetings from Amsterdam

pillot-jm's Ed Texas Le 13/07/2011

un petit tour sur votre site, pour apprècier et félicité l'arrivé Top Nocth's Nikky Bee.
@ bientôt

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